Panoramic Fruit Company
Exotic fruit grown in the hills of Puerto Rico

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Sales– call Robert Luciano 

(787) 672-2134


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The Panoramic Fruit Company-  growing and selling exotic fruit wholesale to Puerto Rico and the Continental US

April 2018 See the notes on the Current Availability page.

Hurricane Maria blew away about half of the farm and I am looking for help in rebuilding this damaged jewel of a farm to its former scale.

I have started a GoFundMe account to try and save this farm because I am running out of time and money and see that the different Federal and State agencies are not going to be part of the survival of much of anything on this devastated island. My goal, with the help of the GoFundMe site, is to replant, cover payroll and restore the farm to a self-sufficient source of food for hundreds of thousands of people both in Puerto Rico and in the lower 48.

We grow mangosteen, rambutan, durian and longan in commercial quantities. In addition, smaller quantities of abiu, jackfruit, achachairu, pulasan, peach palm, cupuaçu, lanson, Rollinia, lemon drop mangosteen and many other unusual fruits may be available to wholesale customers 


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