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Exotic fruit grown in the mountains of Puerto Rico
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Post Hurricane Maria

April 2018

This is a difficult time for all of Puerto Rico, its people and their hopes for any kind of decent future. My part in this is small. I am a farmer producing fruit for the island and for the lower 48 and most of the year, I can get by with only six people. I have supplied locally grown fruit for hundreds of thousands of people in Puerto Rico but need to replant about half of my tree fruit farm if it is ever to reach a sustainable size again. Last December, in 2017, I applied for aid and have been disappointed but not surprised by the response. This is the basis for the GoFundMe campaign. If I can raise enough, I will keep trying to replant and expand the farm back to its previous size or, funds permitting, even larger.

People I know, people who have toured the farm over the last 24 years and total strangers have already started this process and I can not thank all of you enough. The help is keeping a crew in agriculture in an area where it is increasingly hard to find jobs of any type. Farming is on the wane, food is being produced elsewhere and arriving a bit less fresh than a local growers could produce. One farm can not reverse this but giving up and not trying to make a difference is the least appealing choice of all. If you can contribute without hurting your own financial situation, please do.


The Panoramic Fruit Company is an exotic fruit farm located in western Puerto Rico. We started in 1994 and after many trials and numerous errors we are now supplying rambutan, mangosteen, longan, durian and other fruits in wholesale quantities. Starting in the Summer of 2003, we had our first rambutan harvest available for sale to wholesalers in Puerto Rico. And starting in 2011, we received permission to ship fresh rambutan to the States! The quantities available continue to rise each year as the last trees to be planted come into production and the older trees increase their yield.

The biggest news to impact on the farm is our permission to ship rambutan to the States. The logistics are the remaining issue to work through and with some time to work out 'the bugs' we should begin shipping fresh, never irradiated rambutan into the US mainland. Please inquire if you would like the freshest rambutan imaginable in the continental USA. The best port of entry is Miami.

Please direct wholesale inquiries to or call Robert Luciano at (787) 672-2134.

Rambutan is also available to interested wholesale buyers on other islands in the Caribbean. The logistics of this need to be worked out but for some islands, this could be the first time that fresh high quality rambutan has ever been available. Contact us at for additional information. Also see the Current Availability page and the What's coming page for more information. Loads of rambutan could also go by boat.

Foreign customers can obtain a USDA transit permit that allows us to ship from Puerto Rico to any international buyer outside the US. From San Juan, Puerto Rico, rambutan can be shipped to Britain or Japan or just about anywhere. To reach the Caribbean islands, rambutan can be trucked to Mayaguez, Aguadilla or San Juan and flown to its final destination. Rambutan can be picked and on its way in 48 hours. Inquiries welcomed!

There is some durian available in August through September each year. This will be posted on the Current Availability page. Also see What's coming.

The longan is available in wholesale quantities for sales inside Puerto Rico only. This is a somewhat fragile tree so I am hoping to see some fruit every year but any mild wind storm could change this outcome for the worst. We have a crop coming in 2015 that will begin to appear possibly in September. It will be a large crop this year.