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Sales– call Robert Luciano  (787) 672-2134

(787) 672-2134


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Links The California Rare Fruit Growers Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department at Purdue University The National Agricultural Library Homepage The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. Website connected with Panoramic Fruit as an information source Everything you need to know about this extraordinary fruit Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. A treasure trove of horticultural information and ongoing research; longan, rambutan, durian, and many others. The National Tropical Botanical Garden. A non-profit privately funded organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of tropical agriculture with an emphasis on the breadfruit. Enjoyable site, great photos and a mission statement that could help many to help themselves.

Jardines Eneida, located in Cabo Rojo in western Puerto Rico, is a large garden center that carries a very extensive range of exotic fruit and unusual cultivars of citrus, avocado, canepa and much more. Phone number (787) 851-1136  Govardhan Gardens Sherry Ballester Bryan Brunner