Panoramic Fruit Company
Exotic fruit grown in the hills of Puerto Rico
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What we grow
Panoramic Fruit Company grows commercial quantities of rambutan, mangosteen, longan and durian.
Mangosteens arrive every summer and are one of the best fruits you will ever eat.
Rambutan are the largest crop by tonnage and will start at the end of July this year.
In addition, there are also smaller quantities of abiu, pulasan, jackfruit, achachairu, lemon drop and more
The durian,  a spiky fruit ranging in size from 4 to 20 pounds. Heavy aroma some love, some do not, and a rich custardy texture with sugars, pineapple aroma, oniony, some protein- unique in many ways.
Very sweet and nutty flavor, small seed that slips out, related to canepa but with much more to eat per fruit. Longan arrives later than most of my harvest, usually appearing in September.

Contacting Panoramic Fruit Company




Sales– call Robert Luciano  (787) 672-2134